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Our local SEO Melbourne services can help you drive organic search traffic to your website.

Lack of technical know how?

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Let us take care of technical side of showcasing your business to your market, bringing potential clients to you. There are many aspects of ranking a business website. And it takes time to build up a skill set. Let us put the puzzle pieces together so that you can work on the business instead of in the business.
As a small business owner, we understand you often have to wear many different hats. Managing staff, bookkeeping, declaring taxes, finding new leads/clients and so on. Businesses won’t exist if they don’t have business! They must have customers and continue to have new customers in order to grow. Our business is to bring you business!
So click on the Introduction Form, we will provide you with a complimentary video analysis of your website.

Why Businesses Need SEO Marketing? 

In the good old days to find a product or a service, generally, the consumer would search the index of a directory namely “White Pages” / “Yellow Pages” to find a list of businesses that would suit their need. Nowadays the intention is still the same, it’s the consumer that would most likely look up on search engines to find what they need.

There are at least hundreds and thousands of registered websites out there for each search term and Google data indicates the majority of people will click the top few results from the returned list. Hence all these businesses are competing against each other for the first ten results on the first page. This is where search engine optimisation (SEO) comes into play. The goal of SEO services is to increase the business website SERP (search engine result pages) rankings. Google is still a major search engine for consumers so our SEO marketing efforts will be based on their directions.

Google’s complete search algorithm is quite large that contains an unknown number of variables. However, we know search engine’s goal is to return results that are as relevant as possible for the user. The more relevancy the website has in Google’s eyes, the higher ranking the website will get. SEO marketing is a process that can be summarised into the following steps below. 

  1. We help you find the relevant search terms for your business. Having an in depth understanding of this part of the process is essential to your marketing strategy.  This is one of the first and most important components of an SEO strategy. The objective is to select buyer intent keywords with relatively low competition to start off with. The process requires some research to know what the consumer is looking for that your business is offering.
  2. We then structure your website with all pieces of relevant information for search engines as well as for your potential customers. Your website content should contain search terms that you would like to rank for and it should provide valuable information or solutions to your potential customers. 
  3. Now that the website is running with the recommended setup. We will help your website to earn trusts from other influential and legitimate sources. Search engines will rank a website higher when there are other internet properties talking/linking back to it.
  4. With the data gathered, the cycle begins by refining the process and continue building the brand awareness, your products or services.

Headupcloud is a local seo agency providing affordable services in Melbourne. We specialise in just search engine optimisation to help businesses become more visible on the Internet.


SEO Consultant
Headupcloud is the online marketing agency in Melbourne which provides affordable seo services. We specialise in search engine optimisation for local businesses to rank for their search terms. We can help you optimise your business website property, build your brand and market your products or services. Showing up in the right audience means presenting targeted traffic to your website which will leads to higher conversion rates.

Customer Focus
By working with Headupcloud, we focus on getting customers to your business while letting you concentrate on building your products or services. Our process begins by understanding your business.

Search Engine Love
No black hat practices. Businesses should be in the game for long term and so they should use seo strategies that comply with the search engine guidelines. Give them what they like and they will love you.

We work on a monthly contract. There are no hidden costs. You should not continue with our services if we can not help you.
If your website is not ranking then your business is invisible to the customers. Your competitors are making the sales. We can help you get your products or services showing up on Google searches so get started by filling out the Introduction Form. We will provide you with a complimentary video analysis of your website.
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